California’s future depends on diverse, innovative and ethical leaders. Leaders with professional skills to effectively address complex challenges. Leaders with the technology training to compete in the innovation economy. Leaders inspired to create positive change and keep California moving forward.


The AdelanTECH Leadership Program develops and empowers students currently underrepresented in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workforce to succeed and lead in California’s innovation economy and vibrant civic landscape.

This unique program combines world-class leadership development; technology training; opportunities to engage with business, civic and community leaders; and personal and professional growth experiences for success in college, career and in life.


Leadership Development

Effective and ethical leadership is critical. Participants will receive world-class leadership training from CORO Northern California through 10 monthly, in-person seminars. Participants will gain skills to effectively communicate; explore what makes innovative organizations tick; build a diverse network; and plan for success in college, career and in life.

Technology Training

Today’s jobs require technical expertise. Participants will earn an Intro to Programming Nanodegree credential from Udacity delivered through a 9 -12 month, self-paced online program. Participants will learn the foundational skills needed to get started in the world of programming, and build a web page and project portfolio.

Make Connections & Get Inspired

California’s future depends on tomorrow’s leaders. Throughout the program, participants will have opportunities to meet and engage with business, civic and community leaders from across California. Participants will be inspired and empowered to continue with their technology education and create positive change in California.

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